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SHOW 75: A Receding Horizon of Perfection / 1hr 18min / March 22, 2011

In the series finale of Tweet Me Harder, Kris and David revitalize the -trix suffix for all professions, explain their own fathers’ podcast catastrophes, explain what keeps corpses from floating off into the atmosphere, and finally close the causality loop.

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@JPLC The Docktrix: A cut of the Matrix in which leather is replaced with Dockers. #tmh

@Albedo12 I like those acronyms that have a lowercase letter in them, like “CHiPs”. There’s something apologetic about them. #tmh

@theggerus Hawaii is an island chain. So you’ll need some metal cutters to explore it all. #tmh

@richmagahiz A smart moonshiner should have labelled his jugs with XXXI to gain an edge #tmh

@dtthelegend #tmh do hipsters write “thirty” on their jugs of booze?

@Kouban moonshine jugs were originally used to play Tic-Tac-Toe, but X always won, so it turned into a code. #tmh

@Albedo12 MMM Moonshine was much tastier #tmh

@CSpain_design The most effective tonic to cure a moonshine hangover is anything from a jug labelled “OOO” #tmh

@frostyplum @Albedo12 PPP moonshine generally ended up in a puddle against the wall. #tmh

@Trogluddite @tweethard I suspect the garage fire occurred in an attempt to Podcast by Smoke Signal. Very dangerous #TMH

@sekelsky @tweethard #tmh My dad has boxes and boxes of old records… it must be archives of everyone’s dad’s podcasts.

@Hamiltwan How sure are we that David and Kris are not actually unknowing kidnapping victims? #TMH

@frostyplum @tweethard I don’t think kidnapped men will be as apt to take on sophisticated conversation subjects. #tmh

@rkarl10 @frostyplum “so, how about that space program?” “LET ME OUT OF HERE!” “well, that’s an interesting stance…” #tmh

@ignorant_genius Popular topics for this new podcast: “where are we?”, “please feed us”, “I miss my family”, and “*grows silently*”. #tmh

@CSpain_design They say puberty can occur at different ages for different people, but really it’s just when you’ve had your 9th memorable experience #tmh

@Trogluddite @tweethard Malky … and they even forgot the Bang! #TMH

@latimagic @tweethard David Malky ? is spelled with a questionmark. #tmh

@thisisfalacci whoa @Malki! you’re the original “I Like Turtles” kid #tmh

@CSpain_design The real reason for weighing bodies down is because the government wanted to crack down on gangs of teen corpse-surfers #tmh

@neoeo A tender thought: your loved ones encased in graffiti-strewn highway dividers. #TMH

@jjackunrau @tweethard This is the best podcast to listen to before my grandma’s funeral on Friday. #noonewillwanttohearallmynewfacts #tmh

@kcbanner #tmh This show exists: they have 100s of episodes of them microwaving things.

@richmagahiz @malki Dancing is just dodgeball without the ball #tmh

@benedz #tmh tap dance a morse code rap battle

@Trogluddite @tweethard The last episode of TMH coincides well with the end of my court mandated Podcast listenership #TMH

@Hamiltwan As David and Kris stole #tmh from tweeting my heart, so shall Total Muscled Haberdashery take is when tweeting is no longer hard #tmh

@StevenFC #TMH 75, Passed March 22nd, 2011, surrounded by friends and family. It leaves behind two hosts and three webcomics. It will be missed.

@latimagic @tweethard Wait, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital is ending? #tmh

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