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SHOW 71: Unfrozen Caveman Vampire / 1hr 1min / December 2, 2010

Kris and David reveal the elaborate plots of the undead, spend time alone in their room with carpet samples, write a bestselling book to blow tweens’ minds, and endure relationship problems stemming from being a fish-man and a werewolf respectively.

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@premisebeach Murder is never off the table, or at least not this table, because it’s made of grenades and plague rats. #tmh

@Hamiltwan I’m from Philadelphia, biting the person in front of you at sporting events is expected, regardless of falling balls #tmh

@Bradleybugman Beach balls driving people into the sand like stakes! …or was that a cartoon I saw? #tmh

@Inanimatecarbon @Bradleybugman that was a film strip in science class. “Beach Balls: Harmless plaything or SPHERE OF TERROR?!” #TMH

@Paulius1981 @Inanimatecarbon I remember it as ‘Sphere o’ Fear’ #tmh

@robynneblume Vampires make the best historians, because they actually lived through the things they write about in history books. #tmh

@fauxfrog @robynneblume Unfortunately, they’re very bias reporters. #tmh

@robynneblume @fauxfrog And that’s why there’s no historical evidence of vampires. They’re writing the documents used to disprove their existence! #tmh

@thisisfalacci The 7 #tmh topics, blood, dreams, lightning, hot dogs, technology, dogs, and windows.

@frostyplum @tweethard think about how demigods are made. is Zeus putting the moves on robots now? #tmh

@Trogluddite Rocking back and forth in the dark is the best part of being a child! #tmh

@ginbucketfish E-harmony needs a problem matching service #tmh

@JohnEton the one is a vampire the other a van helsing thats a whacky relationship we all know whats for dinner steak AHAHAHA ZING #tmh

@ginbucketfish G. R. Maybeyoullkissaboy famous tween author #tmh

@TweetingMyHeart There are times that I miss you so much it hurts. #TMH

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SHOW 34: Horseless Carousel / 59min / January 27, 2010

Kris and David put robots to work, unlock the spelling science behind supplements, bond over a common fear, and Kris talks to David’s mom to determine the veracity of David’s “Bitten Beans” story from TMH31.

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MrBildango Can’t you just grab someone’s hands and just spin around with them? #tmh

robynneblume @MrBildango Sure, if you want one of those dangerous “Back Alley Centrifuges.” #tmh

MrBildango I’m not saying it works every time. It’s a folk remedy. #tmh

cephalopod_gal I like ghosts. #tmh

Kouban @cephalopod_gal Even thresher ghosts? #tmh

cephalopod_gal @Kouban ESPECIALLY thresher ghosts. #tmh

Kouban @cephalopod_gal Do you have any official Thresher Ghost goods, or just an I <3 Ghosts t-shirt? #tmh

cephalopod_gal @Kouban I have a I <3 Ghosts tattoo on my bottom. #tmh #thisisfalse

neoeo What about a ghoul driving a Zamboni, and you’re not wearing skates? That’s scarier, because you can’t run away. #tmh

rkarl07 […] an undead zamboni… THE ZOMBONI! #dundunduuuunnn #tmh

frostyplum the problem with @tweethard is if I break for the bathroom, there is zero chance I will know what’s going on when I come back. #tmh

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