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SHOW 72: Shout the Lights On / 1hr 12min / December 8, 2010

Kris and David try for the full sensory cycle with this rousing discussion of smell-tuba concerts, advances in home illumination, the best way to sneak out of jail, incredibly intuitive explanations for global warming, and how to get to know your neighbors. Plus, David describes his past as an art forger.

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@Lawlborough Obotrombophonobonuba: Legendary musical instrument. Some say, FORBIDDEN. #tmh

@ginbucketfish @Lawlborough It’s secrets are protected by the Instrumenati #tmh

@Cake_uh_bowski I think to notate this they should draw the object that the music should smell like on staff paper #tmh

@ignorant_genius @Cake_uh_bowski “No, you need a cheese sharp there, you did old-sock flat.” #tmh

@ginbucketfish If you align a dyson fan and a dyson vacuum, you’ll have created the god particle #tmh

@medscholaradaml Little known fact: Dyson is working with scientists at CERN to create a hand-held Large Hadron Collider as a cleaning tool #tmh

@squeekzoid Listening to #tmh for the first time. What is this, a BS contest?

@ignorant_genius The best art is always obtuse and unpleasant to the uninitiated. #tmh


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