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SHOW 73: Collectible Cracker Game / 54min / January 5, 2011

Kris and David discover why marbles went out of fashion, realize exactly what the snack-food industry has long been hoping that someone would, use stock-car racing to make important scientific discoveries, and tell the waiter to “hold the magnets, please!" 

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@Albedo12 HIgh performance stock cars are called boullion cars. #tmh

@Kouban There’s also Stack Cars, which have lego-like protrusions on the top. #tmh

@thisisfalacci Then there’s Stick Cars, a variation on pick-up sticks #tmh

@JPLC And also Stahck Cars, the cheap imitations that never fit together well with other Stack Cars. #tmh

@Kouban In a heavy snow, there are an amazing number of Stuck Cars. #tmh

@CSpain_design Not to mention Stark Cars, the cars owned by Tony Stark #tmh

@Kouban And of course, if a skunk gets in, you have a Stink Car. #tmh #TooManyHorriblepuns

@medscholaradaml Marbles evolved into Pogs which evolved into Pokemon which evolved into Charizard #tmh

@Kouban A Chipwich is a pog of ice cream between two cookie slammers. #TMH

@cSpain_Design iPhone is to marbles what Flat Earth is to Regular Earth #tmh

@CSpain_design All this newfangled dietary advice. I prefer the more old-fashioned method of keeping warm by just eating coal #tmh #Iwasateenagesteamengine

@thisisfalacci that was fun, but I am now unsure if I should seek or avoid iron #tmh


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