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SHOW 66: Malaria-Induced Machete Murders / 1hr 12min / October 25, 2010

Kris, trapped in a nightmarish foreign problem-hospital, grows increasingly frantic as David thwarts dangers of his own en route to his rescue. Also, a solution for safely fireproofing homes, Kevin McShane steals a helicopter, and we finally learn the Greentown-kroner-to-hotdog exchange rate.

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Storyline: “Kris is Gone” Part 6

@AdamRB The more Flammable a material, the easier and cheaper it is to make stuff out of it. #tmh

@cganders just try to get by, asbestos you can #tmh

@Paulius1981 Asbestos: Kills you dead and then cremation is not an option #tmh

@Lawlborough The Ukraine: like Russia, but with more salt and misery #tmh

@jplaub Tweet Me Harder and the Temple of Doom, and Also Kris is Gone #tmh

@dtthelegend #tmh is the audio version of an amazing James Bond movie with two James Bonds.

@ignorant_genius #tmh Turn off all lights, stow all cargo, muffle banjos: Malki is set for silent running.

@srbernard Malki, don’t be a fool! If you were meant to fly, god would’ve given you a hyperjet! #tmh

@robynneblume Hyperjet, useless. Bathroom, Perfect! #tmh

@Bradleybugman @malki I’m pretty sure you can make a makeshift jetpack with an upside-down toilet. #tmh

@claudedwards Is it wrong that I find this scenario a little creepy? #tmh

@thisisfalacci OHMYGAWD you guys, this is Kris’s super hero/villain origin story!!!! 

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SHOW 28: Spiderers / 1hr 10min / December 2, 2009

Kris and David weave clothing with spiders, decide whether to eat food off the floor, blaze trails in the treatment of mental illness, and come face-to-face with the international financial mogul who owns the rights to Tweet Me Harder.

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Storyline: “Emirates Capital” part 8 of 8 (best listened to in-context)

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SHOW 27: Party Pup Poundcast / 58min / November 21, 2009

Christopher and DJ Gordon’s Party Pup Poundcast welcomes special human guests Kris and David, who discuss frisbees vs. tennis balls, take over doggy show duties, and invent a new form of rabies.

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Storyline: “Emirates Capital” part 7 of 8 (but can be listened to out-of-context)

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SHOW 26: Satellite Phone / 48min / November 17, 2009

Kris and David talk about trailers, the seamy side of advertising, and David receives a few polite guidelines from Emirates Capital Investments. Emirates Capital Investments: Where the hawk strikes, money flows.

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Storyline: “Emirates Capital” part 6 of 8 (best listened to in-context)

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SHOW 20: Capital Investments / 54 min / October 28, 2009

Kris and David discuss the cold autumn weather, take several Poll Me Harder calls, and battle environmental issues.

WARNING: This episode is not for the faint of heart — it contains CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP.

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Storyline: “Emirates Capital” Prologue (continued in TMH21-28)

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