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SHOW 76: Truck Toilet Horn / 1hr 2min / January 11, 2012

Kris and David endorse cereals, hack the Twitter character set, explore euphemisms on television shows, speak the language of adulthood, and plumb the meanings of names.

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@phogan The Olympic amateur caveat is actually a mistranslation of the original Greek, which disqualified the god of a sport from participating #tmh

@abigcat some people are in a state of perpetual yawning. its a real disorder. #TMH 

@EffervescentG Some people do not actually have faces. They are just two backs of a head walking around. One of them has a ponytail. #TMH 

@Bradleybugman Instead on an “@”, I use a small, well-trained worm. #tmh 


@JPLC If echo-y muffling means bathroom, what about the Charlie Brown parents? #TMH

@robynneblume @JPLC The parents never left the bathroom, and that’s why we never saw them. It makes perfect sense! #tmh 


@hawkeyewr #tmh Charlie Brown is actually about a small community of ESL children growing up. 

@Bradleybugman The children speak English and the parents speak brass orchestra. #tmh 


@rkarl10 #tmh Reginald Veljohnson was the cop in Die Hard 

@cephalopod_gal Carl Winslow! He was also in Ghostbusters! Reggie VelJohnson YEAH. #tmh

@Kouban He doesn’t even know he’s an actor; he thinks he’s an actual cop who’s staking out all of these Hollywood sets. #tmh

@medscholaradaml White people always start raps with “my name is [name] and I’m a [rhymes with name]” #tmh

@medscholaradaml “My name is Adam and I’m no madam, I’ve got more beats than your great aunt… [rhymes with Adam]” #tmh

 @Zaidyer #tmh The mind of Kris Straub is like a rusty sieve with holes punched through it.

@DE_Craig Next time on #TMH, we discuss where Sam kept the ladder on Clarissa Explains it All.

@jplaub Well, at least I was here for the last, confusing 3 minutes. #tmh

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