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SHOW 55: An Appreciation of Tubes / 55min / August 4, 2010

Kris and David expand their tube-delivery business, get vaccinated against health, give an infant the 55-year-old arms of a murderer, and David quests after a free haircut.

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@cSpain_Design Can’t spell Grievous Bodily Harm without Arm! #tmh

@cSpain_Design Always make sure you get injected with a vaccINE, not a vaccUUM. The latter will cause more problems than it prevents #tmh

@cephalopod_gal I think Kris just wanted an excuse to show the nurse his butt. That’s the only reason why he didn’t want it in his arm. #tmh

@frostyplum @cephalopod_gal I knew there were benefits to being a nurse. #tmh

@acrazyburd Unit of oddness: lolwuts #tmh

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