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SHOW 31: U-Boat House / 59min / January 6, 2010

Kris and David eat hot lunch, review junk mail, play with stickers, decide on appropriate hats, sketch criminals, build their ideal houses and assemble a Winnebago armada.

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MrBildango What if your lunch gets stolen after you’ve eaten it, using future technology. Future bullies will teleport the lunch out of you. #tmh

AdamRB @frostyplum #tmh #bakemeharder needs to happen. That would be an amazing episode.

frostyplum @AdamRB oh crap, a #tmh bakeoff. @malki makes a Sacher torte; @krisstraub just throws brown sugar in a fire.

MrBildango I’ve always wanted a house that had a room that had a clear floor with a giant clock under it. #tmh

cephalopod_gal @MrBildango That sounds AWESOME! Totally a Boss Battle room. #tmh

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