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SHOW 70: Why Are You So Problem / 1hr 2min / November 23, 2010

Kris and David compare products to their marketing, make everything out of potatoes, and in Ask Me Harder, determine the best joint for macaroni, probe the sleep of the genders, and isolate the Dorito spice.

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@robynneblume Malki and Straub have different wavelengths, so they resolve in different places when viewed through a prism. #tmh

@JessePB @robynneblume Hair redshifts in a prism so the goatee streaks across Malki’s face forming a beard. #tmh

@Bradleybugman Cats are always plotting something nefarious. They are extremely poor at following through with lofty plans, though #becausetheyarecats #tmh

@Kouban @Bradleybugman Whenever a cat kills someone, they take great pains to make it look like an accident. #tmh

@richmagahiz Potatoes have to spend six months underground because they offended the god of the underworld #tmh

@Paulius1981 @richmagahiz They tried tetris shaped macaroni, but part of it vanishes when put in the bowl #tmh

@richmagahiz For bland diets, sprinkle your food with Nullspice #tmh

@Bradleybugman Cinémon: Gotta spice em all. #tmh #seasonalprogramming

@TweetingMyHeart I know you don’t love me. But it’s not like I can control how I feel. #TMH

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