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SHOW 65: Lord of Greentown / 1hr 6min / October 10, 2010

David turns to European drilling-platform sovereign John Allison for clues to Kris’s whereabouts. The two debate the fashion choices of dictators, the sometime necessity of proxy hugging, the importance of choosing one’s stamp-mate, and how many watts of music power TMH can muster.  

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Storyline: “Kris is Gone” Part 5

@cSpain_Design You can always mount guns on the hubcaps, like gladiatorial chariot-spikes. That way your shooting-at-things proficiency goes way up. #tmh

@mrorange764 @cSpain_Design then would the guns have to be self leveling? or would you just shoot 360 degrees parallel to your direction of motion? #tmh

@cSpain_Design @mrorange764 I’m thinking several guns per tyre, positioned at 10º intervals. Always firing, all the time, everywhere. #tmh

@phogan Kris has figured out the Konami Code of geriatric beds #tmh

@beowuuf @tweethard We Scots need external music to row. Orkney people are stranded without a source of rhythmn. Metronomes are 5 years away #tmh

@ignorant_genius Sounds like John still believes in lightning. So cute! #tmh

@cSpain_Design If you’ll excuse me, I have to run around screaming in fear and excitement for a moment. #tmh #aaahh #AAAAAAHH

@robynneblume Oh man, missed first chunk of #tmh. Hello @badmachinery! Um, I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

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